Fotos, Parte I

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Row 1: the face of my University building (more pictures to follow); a bit of a market, or fería, that we visited on a Saturday; a bust of Gandhi, because this whole city seems a little obsessed with Gandhi and we can’t figure out why

Row 2: beach neccessity layout for Sunday, including the largest hat my host mom owns so as not to repeat the World’s Worst Sunburn of 2016; my first chivito (traditional Uruguayan sandwich); some majorly cool street art near our apartment

Row 3: an outlet to the beach tucked behind a bar, taken from my favorite candid angle; the beach we go to most often

It’s a bit more difficult that I would like to set up a gallery-style post in this theme, but I wanted to share some photos I took the weekend before last. I had an amazing time exploring the city, burning the s$%* out of my shoulders, and napping on the beach with my roommate and host mom’s sister’s student. (We’re basically cousins. Or something.) I’ve really always liked composing photos, and while I don’t have a digital camera, I’m pretty pleased with the shots I can get on my phone with minimal fuss or editing.

This past weekend, I went on a trip to the beach town of Piriápolis with the international student group at my school. I also started classes today, which has been an entire post’s worth of experiences by itself. I’ll definitely be writing about everything soon (hopefully Wednesday or Thursday).

¡Besos desde Uruguay!

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